About Paros Corp

Paros Corp - Founded by Mr. Subhash Oberoi – a true professional and one of the pioneers in bringing innovative products and technologies into India. He has been a major influence in the introduction and distribution of a range of products such as Transistors, Tape Recorders, TV's, Plain paper copiers, Broadcasting, Auto and Home care products to name a few.

Paros Corp is the market leader in Imported Aerosol Spray Paints (Ready to use paints).

No Brush! No Thinner! No Spray Gun! No Waste! No Mess!

The Do It Yourself Aerosol Spray Paint Brand names under our Umbrella are:

"BOSNY" from Thailand, a 100% acrylic spray paint, offering a range of more than 130 unique, and specially formulated colours, that can be applied to any surface like Metal, Glass, Plastics, etc. It is also widely used in Automobiles, Machines, Equipments, Furniture, Film shoots, Events, and many more.

"DOT-COM" from Thailand, is a high quality, Do It Yourself aerosol spray paint for industrial use and OEM touch-up. Available in RAL colours. It is applicable on all surfaces. Very useful in the Powder coating Industry. It is an Environment Friendly, Lead Free and Metal Free all Purpose Paint.

"MOTIP DUPLI" from Germany, are customized aerosol spray cans that can be used in the Automobile Industry for touch-up purpose and also in the field of Aviation, Oil Refinery, Shipping and offshore, Mining Plants, where the Heat resistance of electro-mechanical, chemical properties and corrosion is challenging.

We have a Pan-India presence and provide an efficient service to consumers with a Distributor / Dealer network spread throughout the country. With more than 75% of the market share and 200 channel Partners, we always stay ahead of the curve and are known for our timely availability of products and services at the best affordable price.